Top 7 Best Longboard Brands For Beginners

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It’s probably one of the most commonly asked questions from boarder wannabes. And the answers that we’re all looking for is probably an affordable brand with suitable products for beginners.

Most importantly, that’ll narrow your choices to only a few certain longboards, making it easier to decide.

Judging on our expert’s opinions and user’s reviews, we’ve sorted out the top 3 best longboard brands for beginners. These are the most popular brands that provide accessible longboards while maintaining adequate features.

Top 7 Best Longboard Brands For Beginners Reviews In 2019

1. Landyachtz


Originally formed by the two close friends, Micheal Perreten and Thomas Edstrand, who also are dedicated skaters. Ever since their first debut in 1997, the company has raised and lasted for over two decades.

Being one of the biggest and most popular longboard brands, Landyachtz has been offering high-quality boards for many years. Their products have received recognition from around the world for their comfort and durability.

Known for their invention of drop down longboard and many other products, Landyachtz has never failed to complete their commitment to “making quality skateboards that will improve lives.”

Landyachtz is getting more and more popular due to their sponsorship of many famous boarders. Moreover, they are also the host of some of the biggest boarding events throughout the years.

And if you’re a tree lover, you wouldn’t love to purchase longboards from Landyachtz. As for each board you buy, there are trees that will be planted.

2. Sector 9

Sector 9
Sector 9

Though it has been out for almost 25 years, it’s only until recent that Sector 9 receives its worthy attention.

Started from just simple cruisers, skateboards, and likewise, the company has now featured a wide variety of different products. And making longboards and gears is always one of their top priorities.

With their collection of high-quality boards that offer great simplicity and awesome features, Sector 9 is becoming more and more favorable by borders, especially beginners.

On top of that, the brand is known for its production of the best longboard wheels. Which is why many brands also use Sector 9 wheels on their products.

The company also has a tradition of having innovative designs on their new boards. Thus, many other brands look up to Sector 9 as a leader in the longboard world.

3. Earthwing


Though they are not the biggest longboard brand in the market, we’re confident to say that Earthwing is the largest small brand out there.
This is largely due to their production of affordable longboards that stand out from all other bigger brands.

But that doesn’t mean that Earthwing offers poor-quality products. Their longboards are not only loved because of their inexpensive price, but also the impressive designs and features.

As stated in their slogan “You deserve more”, the company has been constantly improving their products while keeping a low price, so users can spend their hard-earned money wisely.

For an entry-level board, there aren’t many brands that could beat Earthwing.

4. Comet


The company is one of many great east coast brands with forward-looking staffs and community-orientated policies. It’s not surprising to see Comet achieve future successes with their current form.

Being well-known for the durability of their products, Comet has never failed to deliver the toughest and sturdiest boards that can take serious beatings. I’ve been using my own Comet longboard for almost 4 years, and it still works just fine.

This is mostly thanks to the use of their own wood glues and coating materials. On top of that, the unique state of the art presses method that they’ve invented themselves is extremely helpful when keeping your longboards in good shapes.

If you’re also a person who concerns about the environment, then Comet should be your first priority. Since all the designs and makings of Comet longboards are environmentally friendly.

5. Bustin


The company has always been a dedicated contributor to the New York boarding industry.

Originally formed by a couple of friends who want to try out their fresh ideas on a few skateboarding designs. Bustin is known to be a fast-rising and innovative manufacturer who doesn’t afraid to try out new things.

Their products cover a wide spectrum of different varieties, each option is suitable for a certain type of customers and their preferences.

Moreover, Bustin has recently started manufacturing wheels for their own lineups. And they’re actually pretty good.

With almost 18 years of experiences in the industry, Bustin has placed themselves among the best longboard for beginners.

In additions, their website is awesome. You can browse through all of their products, their specs, functionalities, reviews, and even comparisons between them. This is quite convenient if you haven’t decided which products are more suitable.

6. Loaded


Ever since their debut, the company has been working closely with dedicated riders to come up with high-quality products. Each one in their lineups is created for certain types of boarders at all levels, so everyone can easily find their longboards.

Moreover, Loaded is also known for having some of the best products for dancing and freestyle. With their focus in trick boards, Loaded is always a recommended brand when it comes to freestyle longboarding.

With good quality products and superb design, the company is also known as the Apple of longboarding.

7. Rayne


Known for their beautiful boards that comes with high-quality craftsmanship. Rayne longboards have always been a good choice for beginners.

Their products are also famous for its bamboo materials, which offer exceptional flexibility and durability.

Crispy deck with awesome designs, Rayne boards also feel good and have their own character like no other. If you’re interested in freeride or downhill, Rayne should be the first brand that you look for.

The company also offer countless promotion and sale events during the year. It’s a great chance to own high-quality longboards for reasonable prices.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.