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“Our mission is to spread the dedication and love that we have for our boards to you, the rider, and that it inspires you to take chances, try new things, and push longboarding to new heights.”

Lifelong Longboards
Lifelong Longboards

Lifelong Longboards is a small company located in Haverhill, MA. If we had to pick two words to describe ourselves it would be “passion” and “dedication”. Longboarding is our passion, but creating and delivering the best products we can possibly make—products that we’re proud of—is our dedication and what drives us.

The expression, “If you’re going to go do something, do it well” kind of clicks with us and our personal philosophies. We don’t take shortcuts in the design, materials, or construction of our boards and we really think it makes a difference.

The way we see it, every board that we sell has our logo on it. That logo is more than just a couple of L’s encased in a circle—it’s a mark that symbolizes our name and reputation. It’s a mark that we stand by and only put on boards that we’re proud of. Every board that carries this mark is a representation of us, our passion, our dedication, and what we stand for.