The Top 6 Best Longboard for Beginners Review In 2019

Longboards are one of the most wonderful outdoor activities for everyone;, especially with young people. It is simple until you need to buy a longboard for yourself; particularly you are a new player.

There is a bundle of longboards that you feel overwhelmed because you have no idea which one is suitable. To spend time, you can check out some brands only. Here, I help you by listing out the top 3 best longboard for beginners.

Atom Drop-Through (41 inches)

Atom Drop Through (41 inches)
Atom Drop-Through (41 inches)

For the first time of seeing Atom Drop Through, I like the design. The green and the black one make the deck is a little fancy and cool. Although you are hunting a product for a newbie, the shape is also crucial.

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It’s probably one of the most commonly asked questions from boarder wannabes. And the answers that we’re all looking for is probably an affordable brand with suitable products for beginners.

Most importantly, that’ll narrow your choices to only a few certain longboards, making it easier to decide.

Judging on our expert’s opinions and user’s reviews, we’ve sorted out the top 3 best longboard brands for beginners. These are the most popular brands that provide accessible longboards while maintaining adequate features.

Top 7 Best Longboard Brands For Beginners Reviews In 2019

1. Landyachtz


Originally formed by the two close friends, Micheal Perreten and Thomas Edstrand, who also are dedicated skaters. Ever since their first debut in 1997, the company has raised and lasted for over two decades.

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